ASL Elements Jeremy Sanchez Headshot.png

Jeremy Lee Stone


ASL Elements Mara Ladines Headshot.png

Mara Ladines


We have been formed to complete the ASL Elements Team. Our overall objective is to inspire creativity of Sign Language expression. We are also committed to effectively working together by monitoring our progress, following through on commitments and helping one another learn.

ASL Elements Rachel Reilly Headshot.png

Rachel Reilly

Head of Communications

ASL Elements Travis Zornoza Headshot.png

Travis Zornoa


ASL Elements Nicolas Tegni Headshot.png

Nicolas TEgni

Participant Coordinator

ASL Elements Stephaine Zornoza headshot.png

Stephanie ZOrnoza

Participant Coordinator

ASL Elements Andrew Morrill Headshot.png

Andrew Morrill

House Manager

ASL Elements Crystal Eusebio headshot.png

Crystal Eusebio

Stage Manager

ASL Elements Mary Harman Headshot.png

Mary Harman


ASL Elements Storm Smith Headshot.png

Storm SMith

Art Director

ASL Elements Judy Lieff Headshot.png

Judy Lieff

Creative Producer

ASL Elements Frenchetta Perez Headshots.png

Frenchetta Prez


ASL Elements Adriana Vasquez headshot.png

Adriana Vasquez

Interpreter / Editor

ASL Elements Camera Shy headshot .png

Edward Erenburg