ASL elements MMXVii

ASL Elements will reach over 100 competitive artists to submit an alphabet, numerical or freestyle based story in ASL, with only the top ten artists being selected to compete and showcase their talents in the heart of Gallaudet University.  The individuals asked to judge the competition will consist of a diverse pool of educators and storytellers who are devoted enthusiasts of American Sign Language. The best ASL performance of the year will win a grand prize of $1000!

Excerpts from ASL Elements 2017.jpg

Witness some of the best American Sign Language (ASL) performers as they compete against each other. Established in 2017, ASL Elements Art Competition acts as a source of creative expression through American Sign Language. We ensure to inspire audiences by keeping high-quality performances with an emphasis on creativity and originality. We aim to build a relationship and strengthen bonds within the art community nationwide. 

Congratulations to Justin Perez for winning the 2017 ASL Elements Competition, with a grand prize of $1000. Now Justin gets to partner with ASL Elements founder, Jeremy Lee Sanchez to create a Visual Vernacular story duo! 

Justin Perez X JLS 2017.jpg