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Justin Perez

Justin Perez was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He was a student at Texas School for the Deaf. He has always been fascinated by American Sign Language (ASL) story styles. Through his teenager time, he had incredibly good bonds with his few friends who also enjoy sharing all stories, and that was where he learned different conceptions in evolving its sign language expressions. The more he shared his stories; the more people have asked him to continue sharing his stories.

That was the fuel to his creativity and innovative in creating new ASL languages. He quickly recognized his passion and potential skills in the field of ASL. He started getting involved with all opportunities such as in being a Visual Vernacular (VV) teacher at Texas School for the Deaf, ASL tutor at NTID, goes on. He ultimately aims to bring the entire new ASL conception to the ASL World. Overall, Visual Vernacular is his specialist and favorite style!

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